All solid shampoos of Laboratory are developed on the basis of a sulfate-free surfactant made from coconut, this allows for a gentle and gentle cleansing. In this shampoo, we added inulin and lactic acid - they nourish the normal microbiome of the scalp, thereby reducing irritation, itching and peeling. Broccoli seed oil conditions the hair, and sea buckthorn extract nourishes the scalp.

Included with the shampoo is a lid-controller, with it you can close the jar - it helps to prevent moisture from entering, and the shampoo becomes convenient for transportation

How to use: Apply shampoo to wet hair, massage the foam with massage movements, wash it off with water.

Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isetionate, water, avocado oil, inulin, candelilla wax, lemongrass essential oil, broccoli seed oil, lactic acid, sea buckthorn CO2 extract.

Notes: Surfactants are surfactants that have foaming, washing, emulsifying and conditioning properties. Uneven coloring of the bar is possible. Dry the shampoo before closing the jar with a lid.


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Category: Solid Balm

Brand: Laboratorium

Availability: In stock

Weight: 75 g

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