SOAP - Black Gold

Craft bar made of bamboo charcoal, generously powdered with rose, with shea, olive, apricot and castor oils. It smells like the luxury of an oil magnate and the luxury aesthetics of true gourmets. Recommended before an important date. Shine, mani.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS (INCI): saponified shea butter/potassium shea butterate, saponified coconut oil/potassium cocoate, saponified olive oil/potassium oleate, saponified apricot oil/potassium prunus armeniaca kernel oil,saponified castor oil/potassium ricinus communis (castor) oil, vegetable charcoal/ carbo, rose/rosa, lactic acid/lactic acid, citric acid/citric acid, a mixture of aromatic oils/parfum, golden mother of pearl/trietoksikaprililsilan

Category: Soap

Brand: Vital Pleasures

Availability: In stock

Weight: 150 g

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