Bath Bomb-Meditation

You are wearing a light cotton sweater, a thin dress and no shoes, you left it in the house, and you went barefoot on the sand to the sea.
"And the clouds are floating around, the sun is stretching over the horizon. You're waiting for her call, what is she waiting for? " - Machete in the headphones.
The evening sand touches your tender feet with a light chill. There is no one on the beach, only the lonely house of your relatives, which is located right on the shore and has already faintly lit up with a thousand street lights.
The sound of the sea creates music for you and you, like a strange bird, begin to move in time with the sea. Your dance is special, it is the dance of your soul.
You breathe in the sea sunset air deeper and deeper and it fills you with silence.
How good it is sometimes to feel alone in this universe. Meditate under the influence of nature, not fashion.
Do what you really want to do.
Let the memories of these minutes never die in you.
Bath bombs "Meditation" are special. After swimming with them, you will feel a reunion with nature.

Description of the fragrance
Vanilla, tiramisu with cream, sweet, but not cloying.

Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, perfume composition, Shea butter, tartar, sodium cocosulfate, twin 80, cosmetic mica, titanium dioxide, cane sugar.

The shelf life is 12 months.

Method of application
Put it in a bath filled with warm or hot water and quickly dive!

Category: Bath Bomb

Brand: Leosilver Home

Availability: In stock

Weight: 220 g

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