Craft bar made of cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon, with the addition of shea butter, olive, coconut and almond. It is ideal when used in the evening - it carefully prepares you for rest, moisturizes, soothes and lures sweet dreams. It evokes the feeling of a beautifully completed day.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS (INCI): saponified shea butter/potassium shea butterate, saponified coconut oil/potassium cocoate, saponified olive oil/potassium oleate, saponified almond oil/ potassium prunus amygdalus dulcis ( sweet almond) oil, cocoa/heobromo cacao powder, cinnamon essential oil/cinnamomum zeylanicum essential oil,cream/milk,vanilla/ vanilla, ground cinnamon/cinnamomum, citric acid/ citric acid, lactic acid/lactic acid.

Category: Soap

Brand: Vital Pleasures

Availability: In stock

Weight: 150 g

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