This serum is a light acid peeling that is suitable for all skin types. Lactic and glycolic acids included in its composition stimulate metabolic processes and accelerate cell renewal. The combination of sorbitol and glycerin has a deep moisturizing effect, minimizes the factor of skin stress. Helps to deal with traces of post-acne.

How to use: apply the serum to clean skin with light massage movements, avoiding the eye area, then use the next stage of care.

Composition: Water, glycolic acid, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium hydroxide, pentylene glycol, lactic acid, xanthan gum, carrageenan.

Notes: do not use the serum with individual intolerance to the components in order to avoid an allergic reaction.

Attention! May cause irritation. Before going outside, be sure to use a cream (more than 15 SPF).

Shelf life: 12 months

Category: Serum

Availability: In stock

Brand: Laboratorium

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