This is a product from our new series of dry organic cosmetics. There are no preservatives or flavorings here — only natural ingredients. All our milk is created on the basis of enriched white clay, dry vegetable cream, sea salt and soda. Kaolin (white clay) contains mineral salts, silicon oxides, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and other useful elements. Vegetable cream nourishes the skin, soda softens the water, and sea salt helps to relax. We added mustard and red pepper to this milk, which relieve tension and warm the muscles, as well as corn flour, rich in B vitamins and iron.

How to use: dissolve the required amount of milk in hot water. In order for the milk to fully reveal its relaxing properties, we recommend using the entire jar at once. To take a fragrant milk bath, a few tablespoons will be enough for you.

Composition: Enriched white clay (kaolin), dry vegetable cream, corn flour, soda, sea salt, mustard powder, red pepper powder, orange essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil.

Note: Do not allow moisture to get inside the package.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Category: Bath milk

Brand: Laboratorium

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