Bath Bomb - The Milky Way

One day you will want to go to the mountains. This day will come suddenly. You will want to breathe the mountain air, see the snow-capped peaks, dress warmly and immerse yourself in the stars at night, or maybe luck will turn to you and you will see the real Milky Way.

In the morning, after brewing yourself a delicious herbal tea, you will go in search of a mountain dessert - magical mountain berries. They have a special taste, sweet, you will not confuse it with anything!

Our Milky Way bombs are designed to immerse you in the warm moments of your life or add another dream to be in the mountains, in the wild!

Description of the fragrance
Mountain berries, a few notes of sweet mango, a very delicate and delicious aroma, I want to eat.

sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, perfume composition, tartar, avocado oil, berry extract (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), sodium cocosulfate, food dyes, twin 80, glycerin, biodegradable cosmetic sequins, cosmetic mica.

The shelf life is 12 months.

Method of application
Put it in a bath filled with warm or hot water and quickly dive!

Category: Bath Bomb

Brand: Leosilver Home

Availability: In stock

Weight: 220 g

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