SOAP-Berry Smoothie

Craft bar with shea butter, olive, coconut, peach and macadamia, powdered with strawberries and raspberries. It smells like a berry smoothie on the most delicate cream. It will give you all its tenderness and fragrance.

Ingredients: saponified shea butter/potassium shea butterate, saponified olive oil/potassium oleate, saponified coconut oil/potassium cocoate, saponified macadamia nut oil/potassium macadamia ternifolia nut oil, saponified peach oil/potassium prunus persica, raspberry powder/rubus idaeus extract, strawberry powder/fraganaria moschata extract, aroma oils/parfum, lactic acid/lactic acid, citric acid/citric acid, raspberry ketone/raspberry ketone.

Category: Soap

Brand: Vital Pleasures

Availability: In stock

Weight: 150 g

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