This is a product from our new series of dry organic cosmetics. There are no preservatives or flavorings here — only natural ingredients. Ubtan is a traditional Ayurvedic skin care product. It gently cleanses, without removing natural fats and moisture from the skin, and at the same time nourishes and treats it.

Corn flour fights acne, rice flour removes age spots, oatmeal restores skin elasticity, and buckwheat refreshes the skin. Ivan tea and calendula have an antiseptic and soothing effect, lavender relieves irritation, ginger and turmeric disinfect, orange peel tones, and blue and black clays contain trace elements necessary for the skin and activate blood circulation.

How to use: pour a small amount of powder (half a teaspoon) into the palm of your hand and add water to make a liquid paste. Rub a little and apply to a wet face with light movements, like a scrub, then rinse with water. You can dilute the ubtan with milk or cream, and also add it to the cleanser immediately before use.

Composition: Pea flour, oat flour, corn flour, rice flour, buckwheat flour, dry vegetable cream, enriched white clay (kaolin), black clay, blue clay, lavender flowers, ivan tea flowers and leaves, orange peel, calendula flowers, lilac flowers, green tea leaves, ginger, turmeric.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Category: Scrub

Brand: Laboratorium

Availability: In stock

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